A typical tiktoker is a millennial around the age of 30...


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A typical tiktoker is a millennial around the age of 30

Let us bust a couple of typical myths accompanying Tiktokers, their audience and this social network as a whole.

Myth 1: There are only children in TikTok.

Truth: No, you will never see children in the tape at all - this is legally prohibited (source). TikTok's algorithms are so tough in this regard that they even stop videos of very young-looking girls - recently it happened to one of my friends. The algorithms thought she was less than 13 years old.

Now in TikTok there is a huge influx of adults, and in China, where it was popularized earlier, the main core is 24-34 years old.

A typical tiktoker is a millennial around the age of 30. Children, in principle, do not know how to produce content, they do not have enough perseverance and life experience Look.at.show

Myth 2: TikTok is not for me because I can't dance.

Truth: Dancing on TikTok is just one type of content. There are a lot of beautifully dancing girls on YouTube - simply because it is beautiful. But in fact, now most of the popular videos are conversational (expert) or creative. You won't surprise anyone with dancing. Actually, for free book downloads Tiktok is not the best option for now.

Myth 3: TikTok winds up views for you to create the illusion of popularity and friendliness.

Truth: You just forgot that any platform at the dawn of its formation actively shares its reach and finds an audience for you. In this regard, TikTok is not only not an innovator, but, on the contrary, has absorbed the experience of older platforms for communication.

Statistics of popular videos from three accounts of different topics. We are all men over 30 who shoot on different topics. Yanbex There are mechanisms for recruiting an audience on VKontakte, on YouTube and on Instagram - it's just that these platforms are already terribly overpopulated, and there is not enough coverage for everyone there purely arithmetically.

The same will happen with TikTok, when there are critically many active authors in it. Now he is generous in sharing reach and giving you a lot of views, because at this stage of development it is possible. Do not wait for this situation to change, start filming a video and make sure that not bots, but real people will comment on it.

Myth 4: To get promoted on TikTok, you need to order advertising from local influencers.

Truth: This is a very harmful judgment, if this is advised to you, then you have a specialist who does not understand how to advance in TikTok. TikTok is not Instagram, it is generally created as a direct opposite and alternative to Instagram. What works well on Insta does not work on TikTok, the developers thought it over very well and took care of it.

TikTok is designed to minimize face-to-face communication and audience flow from one account to another. It is impossible to "write to direct" there - there is simply no such mechanism, unlike Insta.

To write a message to someone, you need to mutually subscribe (believe me, this happens very rarely). And the feed of video views is designed so that the user scrolls through it and subscribes to interesting authors, but those accounts that the author noted in the video are hidden imperceptibly below, and only a few will subscribe to them. Therefore, if you sign up even with a large TikTok influencer, the results on subscriptions and clicks will not please you, simply because the platform is not technically suited for this - a good example is Edward Ricketts ForEx Instagram and Tiktok influencer.

Do not believe the stereotypes and tales from those who have not tried anything themselves and simply retells what they heard somewhere out of the way.

The correct algorithm and aka advice for a business / performer / blogger today is as follows:

1. Take your niche and make content that you do on other platforms. If the content is interesting and has a clear target audience, TikTok will find you an audience on its own.

2. Do not believe all rumors and speculation, check for yourself how TikTok works. After a week of regularly uploading videos, you will forget about Insta, because on TikTok you will have 400,000 views, and on Insta, 4000.

3. Do not order placement from influencers if you need targeted actions (subscription, referral). This will work for coverage, but not for targeted actions.

4. Use only 1-2 topics in your content, and be sure to related topics. The clearer your topic is and the clearer the boundaries of the target audience are, the easier it will be for Tiktoku to promote you. A narrow specialization is about Tiktok.

My results in Tiktok can be viewed at the link: https://www.tiktok.com/@yanbex Briefly: 65,000 subscribers and 2.3 million likes in 3 months of presence and testing on the platform. Also I suggest you to download free books Tiktok offers for beginers.

YANBEX - The kindest Tiktoker Yanbex

Also, my colleagues and I have created a TikTok community on Facebook: the secrets of promotion, in which we exchange experiences, answer questions and support novice TikTokers.