Hello everyone. I know that League of Legends is a very old and hackneyed topic.


League of Legends Clubs Rogue Connect
I've been playing it myself for about a couple of years with interruptions.

I think that there is nothing complicated in the league, unlike the same Eve, stellaris. In this article, I will not raise topics popular for players of other games, such as "League of legends or Dota 2". Or the topic of having a huge number of toxic players / children (yes, they are everywhere). Obviously, the guide is exclusively for lovers, and zero ones. Or for those who have not downloaded this game yet (There are also a lot of them).

I'll start with the reason why I thought it might be useful / needed. It's simple. I found people who don't know how to play League of Legends Clubs. And a lot. Outside the game, of course. Because it's one thing to see other people's shoals and think: "here's a noob, he can't play", it's another thing to look for a company among friends and select a game for spending time together and bump into "I can't." Perhaps you have friends who call you "in the league", and you also do not know how to play there. This is the norm. This guide will help you quickly get used to and choose a pair of heroes for a successful and enjoyable game. So let's go!


This is such a part of the game. At the training stage, you will be taught how to click the mouse correctly (nothing complicated), how to use skills and give you a chance to test several heroes. I highly recommend choosing the main one from them.

And play with bots (and the first games will be with bots) aggressively, get used to skills, have fun and try to get as many kills as possible without bothering with a line (this is not important in training).