A significant number of the world's population that uses the Internet has Twitter accounts. Not everyone writes there, not everyone's microblogging is popular, but it is known that all the most important world news appears first on Twitter, and only then in all other places.


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You just can't underestimate the power of Twitter…


Twitter cannot be called a full-fledged blogging platform; rather, it is called microblogging. You have only 140 characters, and you should try to pack all your thoughts into this small space. Not everyone can do this, which is why some people who are popular in regular blogging fail when they tweet. Others, on the other hand, are good at Twitter, but cannot write long texts.

Interestingly, news agencies that study how people perceive content on different sites on the Internet note that a link to a long study or analytics posted on Twitter gets more views and reads than a similar link posted on social services such as Linkedin or Facebook.

Top Twitter accounts

Twitter rules

The first rule of twitter is that you need to keep it constantly, without abandoning it for a day. Several posts a day is the optimal number, there should be at least one. This kind of activity is bound to attract followers - people who follow you.

Ideally, you need to publish short and succinct statements that the public will like. Such Twitter accounts are the most popular, they quickly gain an audience, even if the authors do not make much effort to promote.

If you realize that you’re not writing popular content enough to get people to follow you, there are other ways to attract readers. Retweet and add interesting users yourself, and the audience will form sooner or later. After recruiting a certain number of readers, subject to regular tweeting, the number of subscribers will grow by itself.

Don't forget to reply to your readers. It is not necessary to write to everyone, but if you are asked about something, it is impolite to remain silent in response.

Even if the goal of setting up Twitter is to make money, then don't rush with it. First of all, get a large number of readers, and only then, when there are really a lot of them, you can occasionally publish advertising posts. But be careful, if there are too many of them, people will stop reading you: there are already too many ads around.

Experiment with tweet timing. This is very important as few people read their entire feed. Sometimes great tweets go to waste or fail because too few people see them. Experiment and record your observations.

Be careful what you write. You have 140 characters in total. Check your publications for spelling and punctuation errors. The microblogging format is the least official, but frankly illiterate statements almost never make it to the top.

Do not conflict with people. Even if you are sure that you are right, and your opponent is overstepping the boundaries, try not to answer him or negotiate peacefully with the person. Twitter is a public thing, and whatever you say in your hearts can compromise you.