If you do buy helium balloons or were given them as a gift for a celebration, be very attentive to the condition of people in the same room as the balloons.


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First Aid for Helium Poisoning

At the first sign of poisoning:

  • Open windows and doors in the room;
  • provide the person with access to fresh air;
  • In case of fainting put ammonia to the nose.

If the condition is critical, call an ambulance immediately. Before the ambulance arrives, make sure that the person has not had a cardiac or respiratory arrest. If necessary, provide first aid: indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do these procedures correctly. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with poison gas.

And in no case do not buy a special cylinder with helium. After all, they are not sold to breathe their contents. You need them to inflate the balloons yourself.

Remember that helium in the balloon may not be pure helium, but may have additives in it (such as arsenic). It is easy to guess what the consequences of inhaling it will be.

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