When setting up a home office, you need to decide which laptop is best for remote work.


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Top-10 Best Laptop For Working From Home reviewed - 2022 update

Which model to choose

A huge assortment can confuse an ignorant person. First, designate the tasks that will need to be solved using a computer, and then choose a laptop for remote work that meets your needs: https://qualified.one/blog/bpo/best-laptop-for-working-from-home/


  • performance;
  • characteristics of RAM - volume, frequency;
  • type of hard disk;
  • video card characteristics;
  • the presence of the necessary interfaces and the type of OS;
  • battery capacity.

We have compiled a ranking of the best models for remote work in 2022, taking into account all these criteria.

To choose a laptop for remote work, determine the tasks that will need to be solved. If you plan to work in ordinary office programs (Excel, Word), then a budget option worth up to $1000 will do.

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-14

Choosing an inexpensive laptop for remote work, you have to sacrifice something - convenience, performance, build quality. But in the case of the IdeaPad S340-14, released by Lenovo, there is no need to look for a compromise. This is a transformer model, its lid is able to recline 360 ​​degrees.

Pros and cons

  • Lightweight, compact
  • Keyboard buttons are soft, quiet, comfortable to operate
  • There is a backlit keyboard
  • The power button is placed separately
  • Has a battery indicator
  • Touchpad is responsive
  • There is a gesture support function
  • There is an upgrade option
  • Fingerprints remain on the case, which are difficult to wipe off
  • USB ports are too close together
  • Keyboard without number pad
  • The screen is too small
  • Working in bright sunlight is difficult
  • Short battery life
  • Heats up under load
  • No fast charging feature

A convenient model for undemanding users who need a laptop for work, video communication, watching movies. It is possible to increase the RAM.

If a laptop is bought not only for working with tables and texts, but also for using graphic programs, then it is better to choose an average-priced model.

See https://www.dell.com/ website as well