There are several rules for choosing a soundbar for home use. Before buying, you need to take into account the technical characteristics, parameters. Experts advise to pay attention to such criteria as power level, functionality, connection option, interface.


Bose soundbar 700 vs 500 Rogue Connect
2022 Bose soundbar 700 vs 500 - chosing the best

Inputs and outputs

In principle, to fully connect the soundbar to the TV, you need an HDMI port with ARC and CEC support, however, if you only get an audio stream from the TV, then an optical digital input will be enough - today all new TV models output sound via optics. If the device is supposed to be used to listen to music from a smartphone or PC, then a Bluetooth wireless input is desirable. The presence of Wi-Fi is really necessary only when integrating the device into a multi-room system or wanting to listen to music from streaming services.


Not all manufacturers disclose the characteristics and design of the dynamic heads installed in their soundbars (ex.: As a rule, such speakers do not have a very powerful magnetic system, plus small sizes. However, with the right approach, their characteristics are maximally consistent with the volume in which they operate, as well as with the power ratings of the amplifiers. By the way, this is a hallmark of all properly designed soundbars - today it is impossible to drive them into overload, when the maximum allowable level is reached, the volume is gently limited. If, however, the manufacturer gives details about the drivers used, then it is better to opt for heads with composite or metal cones if you need more potential power.

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