The French Bulldog breed is a dog of small size, with medium-sized paws with relief muscles, and a short tail, naturally irregularly curved. The body is square, the head is round, the muzzle is flattened, the ears are long, but erect. The chest is wide and deep. May have a color: white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), fawn. All other colors are considered the so-called "breed marriage" and are not recognized by the official cynological federations. Although the cream color is very common in the US, it is not actually recognized by the European Kennel Federation breed standards either.


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The French Bulldog is a source of affection and kindness for the whole family. These incredibly cute and charming creatures have an incredible charm of their own, although, strictly speaking, their appearance cannot be considered correct according to canine beauty canons. If there is any. The French Bulldog breed has a very curious and cheerful nature, they are playful even in adulthood and love colorful toys.


The structure of the skull forces the French Bulldog not to chew pieces of food, but to swallow them whole. Because of this, they are prone to flatulence and indigestion. Therefore, the pet's diet must be of high quality. It is necessary to make a menu taking into account the sensitivity of his gastrointestinal tract, the tendency to obesity. A poor diet will cause many problems for your pet.

The rules for feeding a French bulldog are as follows:

You can not give him more than the prescribed volume. The correct serving size is best discussed with your veterinarian. It depends on the age and size of the animal, on the level of its activity.

The same applies to the frequency of feeding: you can not give the dog food more often than expected. Adult bulldogs are usually fed twice a day. And puppies, on the contrary, need more frequent feeding - up to six to seven times a day.

It is necessary to add more high-protein foods to the Franz's diet, but with a minimum starch content. Protein is found in meat and offal. But do not give the bulldog pork.

It is recommended to feed a French bulldog puppy up to a year with dry food. They contain the correct proportions of vitamins and substances needed for the growth of the baby. See more details in this article puppy french bulldogs for sale.