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Peyton List is a sought-after American actress who most often appears not in feature films, but in TV series. Many people know her for her roles in such TV shows as Smallville, The Flash, Mad Men, Gotham.

Peyton List was born in 1986. The girl was born in Boston, which is located in the United States. However, she spent her childhood years in a completely different place. Peyton List grew up in Baltimore, which is the largest population center in Maryland, USA. Peyton List's birthday is August 8th.

Peyton is not the only child in the family. She has an older sister named Brittany, who has devoted herself to modeling.

Childhood Peyton List and the beginning of the creative path

From an early age, Peyton showed her passion for art and creativity. The girl was fascinated by movies and TV shows, ballet and the fashion industry.

While in elementary school, Peyton List, when she was only eight years old, had a burning desire to get on television. Despite the fact that she was still just a child, Peyton understood that throwing herself into the pool with her head would not work. Therefore, initially her choice fell on commercials. She insisted that her parents take her to the casting. When the girl ended up in an advertising agency, she was immediately noticed. She was lively, energetic, self-confident, and her appearance was ideal for television commercials and for photo advertising in print publications. As a result, the first experience of shooting on TV for Peyton List was an advertisement for popular pasta and cheese in America.

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As soon as Peyton List "lit up" on television in advertising, she began to receive offers from various agencies and advertisers. As a result, Peyton List began to actively shoot for print publications: first for children's magazines, and then for teens.

At the age of 12 - in 1998 - Peyton List, who was quite tall for her age and, moreover, had a pretty appearance, began to take part in catwalk shows, becoming a young model. In this case, the older sister Leaf had a certain impact on Peyton, being a model herself.

In the same 1998, Peyton List suddenly became very interested in dancing, namely classical ballet. Although she was interested in this art form from an early age, she did not receive any education in this area before school. As a result, Peyton List entered the School of American Ballet. Teachers spoke extremely positively about the girl, Peyton showed excellent results, many predicted her a career as a ballerina. The result of studying at a dance school was that Peyton List repeatedly appeared on the theater stage, performing parts in the ballet The Nutcracker.

However, at the age of 14, Peyton List's passion for cinema took over. In 2000, the future famous American actress went to the casting for the television series Sex and the City. And she managed to “knock out” a role for herself for several episodes. It was thanks to this popular television show that had high ratings that List was noticed by representatives of the film industry.

Career in television series and films

In 2001, Peyton List was invited to be part of the cast of the long-running television series As the World Turns. Peyton starred in this soap opera for four whole years, however, managing to work on other projects where she was willingly invited. The series "As the World Turns" gave the aspiring young actress not only an invaluable experience. Peyton List was nominated for one of the prestigious US television awards for her role in this show.

Since 2006, the young artist has been actively filming in various TV series. Although at that time she did not get any leading and / or main roles. As a rule, Peyton List appeared on the screens for one to three episodes. However, there were many offers to star in a particular television series, because Peyton List's filmography was rapidly replenished. She can be seen in the sensational series: "Men in the City" (here the actress stayed for as many as 11 episodes), "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Ghost Whisperer" and some others.

In 2010, Peyton List became part of the Smallville cast. This role brought her additional popularity and demand.

The series “Beverly Hills 90210: The Next Generation” gave the actress some success. He came out on screens in 2012.

Peyton List's next television projects, which received varying degrees of success, were:

  • "Mad Men", as part of this television series, Peyton List starred in 15 episodes;
  • The Flash, which began airing in 2015;
  • "Blood and Oil";
  • "People of the Future", in this TV show, Peyton List played one of the main roles, but the series did not live up to the expectations of its creators, therefore it was closed very quickly;
  • "Radio Wave", this TV show was suspended in 2017, immediately after the end of the first season, as the ratings were extremely low, and critics spoke very coldly about the series.

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In 2018, the American actress joined the cast of the top-rated TV show Goetm, which airs on FOX. Work in this series brought Peyton even more fans and fame.

Peyton List is not an actress who actively participates in the filming of feature films. To a greater extent, she focuses specifically on the series, as can be seen from her biography, but she managed to star in some films. She can be seen in such films as "Triumph" and "Conquerors of the Peaks".

It is also worth noting that despite the fact that Peyton List devoted herself to filming, she did not completely leave the modeling business. Therefore, from time to time, the actress appears as a model on the pages of glossy magazines, takes part in various advertising campaigns and promotions.

Peyton List's personal life

Fans can easily follow the career development, creative projects and new beginnings of the popular American actress on social networks. Peyton List is quite willing to give interviews, but tries not to answer personal questions.

The artist has repeatedly emphasized that the main thing for her now in life is a film career, modeling business and, oddly enough, self-development. She has huge plans for the future, and offers to take part in the filming of new series are constantly received. Due to a very busy schedule, Peyton is not looking to build his personal life at the moment. At least, about whether she has a loved one or a husband, Peyton List is silent. However, the fact that the actress does not yet have children is known for sure.