The Polk Audio Signature S35e is a home theater center channel speaker with a low profile for easy placement. The column has a nice design and very high quality workmanship. It is available in black or white exterior finishes, so you can choose the best option for any interior.


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Polk audio signature S35 review (2022 update)

Polk Audio Signature S35 White

The Polk audio S35 slim-profile center channel speaker is the top model in Polk's most extensive Signature series of eight speakers. This series is specifically designed for hi-fi home theater applications - to create the same surround sound experience in the comfort of a living room as in a large city cinema.

At just 10 cm (4”) tall, the S35 fits easily into places where other center channels won’t fit – plus it provides L/C/R compatibility for optimal sound quality, crystal-clear dialogue without any coloration, whether you set it it vertically or horizontally.

The Signature S35 is equipped with a proprietary 1-inch terylene dome tweeter for High-Res playback and six 76.2mm (3in) woofers with mica-filled polypropylene cones. On the back, on the sides, it has two Power Port bass-reflex ports with branded “cones” and slotted gratings to direct air flows.

Polk S35

With Hi-Res certification, Dynamic Balance speaker construction, terylene tweeter domes, mica-filled polypropylene cones, precision crossovers, anti-diffraction magnetic mount grilles, resonance-free MDF cabinets, you get the highest sound quality. quality for movies, TV shows and music - and at the same time, in a completely redesigned design.

The tweeter with a terylene dome has a special profile horn design that does not narrow, but expands its dispersion and suppresses resonances. A powerful ceramic magnet system pushes the lower end of the tweeter's frequency range down for better sound dispersion in the critical mid-range, allowing you to achieve both clear, detailed high-frequency sound and realistic reproduction of vocals and musical instruments. This tweeter can deliver high frequencies up to 40 kHz, supporting the latest high-definition formats.

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