Most students believe that «You can’t learn to write in German. Either you can write well or you can’t.» That’s why in their admission essays they constantly repeat the same thoughts, quickly repeat the contents of something they have read, or even simply copy essays from the Internet - and that’s it.


Things to look for when editing German essay Rogue Connect
Things to look for when editing German essay See 2022 update

For some reason, students are very reluctant to use the best paper editing services online. However, just by looking at some rating sites, you can see that these services are reliable and produce great results.

Of course, the problems with German essays also stem from the fact that many students hardly know any criteria for the quality of German essays. The situation is aggravated by the fact that German essays are considered to be the chameleon among the grading animals. The evaluation can vary greatly depending on the teacher. As a teacher, you should make your minimum requirements transparent or give the students good advice.

Those who follow this, achieve at least a satisfactory grade. A prerequisite for this, however, is the readability of the essay (spelling, writing, and style should be halfway decent).

Admission essay in German needs:

1. Clear structure

The essay reads much better if it is clearly and comprehensibly structured in terms of form and content. The basic structure is in any case introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. In the main part, the treatment of individual tasks and/or topics must take place in clearly separated blocks, which, if possible, are connected with transitions. Paragraphs increase clarity. Many admission offices do not want the paragraphs to be given headings. For those who have difficulty with this, give the paragraphs' headings in pencil and then erase them before handing them in.

2. Paragraph Fidelity

Admission commissions have certain expectations for content:

The introduction leads up to the topic. In interpretation essays, the introduction contains information about the author, but not the final opinion. It is very well received if the introduction formulates a question/basic problem, which is then answered in the main body.

The conclusion draws a conclusion in some way. In doing so, thoughts from the main part are taken up. It is very elegant if the question from the introduction can be answered in this way.

There are also certain expectations for the blocks of the main part. Here, what has been learned/practiced becomes useful. In any case, it is also important here that there is a clear reference to the respective subsections.

3. No redundancy

Many students believe that you get a better grade in German if you babble a lot. This is not true. You get a good grade if you stick to the above two points. If possible, each sentence should have meaning for the section it belongs to. In the section on the disadvantages of branding, a sentence like "There was once an eight-page advertisement for branded clothes in a magazine some time ago, and the suppliers have obviously made good profits in recent years." only has a place if it somehow refers to the disadvantages of the brand.

All in all, German essays are not as hard as people believe. If you are still struggling with it, do not be afraid to use editing services. It is an easy and affordable way to get a great essay.