Google Docs is a great time saver because it isn`t cluttered with unnecessary features. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find a lot of additional features in the service.


TOP-5 Google Docs features Rogue Connect
5 less-known Google Docs features that will make your work easier and more convenient

Edit like a pro

1. Moving text from one place to another is possible not only by copying and pasting. Select the desired part of the document and just drag it with the mouse. You can also move an entire paragraph. To do this, place the cursor in it, press Shift + Alt and press the up and down arrows.

Font size

2. Select the text you want, hold down Ctrl / Command + Shift and click period to increase the font size one point, or comma to decrease it.


3. With a few clicks, you can apply formatting from one part of the text to another. Just place the cursor where you want to take the style, click on the roller icon in the upper left and select the text you want to change. If you double-click the icon, you can apply formatting to multiple words, sentences, or paragraphs at once.

Alt + key

4. In order not to search for the required functions for a long time, use the Alt + / key combination. A menu search will open, with which you can quickly find any feature of Google Docs.


5. The service can quickly structure text that contains headings. Click View and select Show Document Structure. A panel with paragraphs will appear on the left, each of which is a heading in the text. Click on the desired item to quickly jump to it. Read more here: