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What does pansexual mean? Definition

Today we decided to focus on two similar identities and find out what is the difference between them. Why do some people call themselves bisexual and others call themselves pansexual?

For starters: Sexuality is a spectrum

Back in 1948, American scientist Alfred Kinsey proposed to rate human sexuality on a scale from zero to six. The so-called Kinsey scale was revolutionary for the middle of the last century: sexuality began to be understood as a spectrum, not black and white. Around the same time, scientists agreed that sexual orientation is changeable.

Since then, research into human sexual identity has advanced even further. Bisexuality is no longer considered an “intermediate stage”, plus, gender diversity has also been taken into account (after all, gender, as it turned out, is also a spectrum).

Bisexuality has long been broader than its "bi" prefix. What is this?

Good wording

Bisexuality is characterized by romantic attraction and/or sexual desire arising from:

  • own and other gender;
  • two or more genders;
  • multiple genders.

Bad wording

"Bisexuality is attraction to both men and women". Why? This implies that there are only two genders (in fact, they are not).

Correct reasons for using the term

  • “This term is more familiar, and I don’t have to explain too much during the coming out what it means”;
  • “The bisexual community has existed for a long time, it has a long history and a great contribution to the development of the movement”;
  • “I am attracted to several genders, but not all”;
  • “I am attracted to different genders in different ways”;
  • "I'm more comfortable with that word."

Wrong reason for using the term

"Pansexuals are actually bi who want to be special."

What is pansexuality in simple words?

Pansexuality is characterized by romantic attraction and/or sexual desire that occurs in relation to all genders or regardless of gender.

Bad wording

"Pansexuality is attraction to men, women, and transgender people". Why: This assumes that transgender women are not women, and transgender men are not men. The wording also excludes non-binary persons and other identities.

"Pansexuality is attraction to persons, not parts of the body". Why: This suggests that people with other sexualities are attracted to body parts rather than personalities.

Bisexuality and pansexuality are related and in many ways overlapping concepts. However, neither bisexuality nor pansexuality is discriminatory or problematic in and of itself. Each person chooses an identity, guided by many reasons at once and under the influence of a variety of factors and their own life experience.

There is no need to inquire into the reasons why a person calls himself bisexual or pansexual, trying to correct him and make comments. Everyone has the right to call themselves one way or another, and the freedom to choose an identity must be upheld.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner believed that freedom in the country is impossible without the freedom to express one's sexuality. He always fought against archaic views, as well as any manifestations of discrimination, especially nationalism and homophobia. Few people know, but his work in this area has been recognized by historians as one of the most influential in the field of the gay rights movement.