So, how did Zendaya became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. Undoubtely, this girl will become one of the greatest influencers. As of 2023, she is in our TOP!


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Leaked Zendaya pics made us study her bio again

Zendaya allowed herself not to accept roles she didn't like. The first series in her career was Dance Fever for the Disney channel. Zendaya recalled that she really wanted to be a "Disney girl" like Bella Thorne, who had to speak in a higher voice: "And then I realised that it was stupid since people accept me for who I am.

Incidentally, Zendaya is still friends with Bella and always supports her, even though things weren't so rosy during filming. "Zendaya and I were put in a tight spot and we had to compete with each other," recalls Bella Thorne. And in the second season of Dance Fever, it became clear that both deserved to be the best at what they did.

Zendaya passion for learning

Unlike many of her colleagues, who filmed for a couple of hours after school, Zendaya didn't leave the set from morning till night. At the same time, she wanted to learn and gain knowledge, not just cheat on answers in tests. When she signed another contract, she made this condition to the producers. In the end, for her hired a teacher who accompanied her on the set and in travel, and every free minute they passed the school curriculum in all major subjects. Zendaya recalled," "Are you tired? I don't care," she would say to me and we would study further. I was never this tired, but I got everything I wanted.

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Zendaya: her way

Zendaya always did what she wanted to do. She didn't want to stay an actress in a Disney series, but tried her hand at music and was about to make a feature film. At 16, she shamelessly went to producers and laid down her conditions for filming... And then she demanded that the production be entrusted to her. She ended up co-producing 43 and producing nine episodes of KC. Undercover, where she played the lead role, and she was 16 years old!

Curiously enough, the series was planned to be called "Unbreakable Katie", but Zendaya said she would not star in such a project, and suggested its name. The actress had not danced and sang on screen like other Disney heroines, but was just a normal teenager, albeit a little strange - the actress won that for her character.


From 2012-2016, Zendaya dated American singer and dancer Trevor Jackson. The lovers carefully concealed their relationship, but fans and journalists were eventually able to uncover the mystery of the actress' first love.

According to rumors, Zendaya was in a relationship with American footballer Odell Beckham and actor Adam Irigoyen, but this information has not been confirmed by the actress. Since the premiere of Spider-Man in 2017, joint photos hinting at a relationship between Zendaya and her colleague Tom Holland have not stopped appearing, but both have not commented in any way on rumours of their affair.

However, it was not possible to keep the scandal in a bag for long. In July 2021, rumours of an affair between Zendai and Tom Holland were confirmed. The two were caught kissing in the car and the youngsters stopped denying the obvious.

In early 2022, the couple bought a mansion in London, which they planned to move into in the summer of that year. The house was valued at £3 million (~315 million rubles). Tom's parents live nearby, which was one of the factors that influenced the decision to buy this particular mansion. Zendaya is an ambassador for Convoy of Hope, a faith-based non-profit organisation. Zendaya marked her 18th birthday with a campaign to help 150 malnourished children in Tanzania, Haiti and the Philippines. Zendaya released her first book "Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence" in which she answered three million questions from fans on social media.